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    Side stand removal-w/o ktm cup kit

    I broke the brass magnet as well. The. I found it isn’t work anymore put the broken brass magnet to the end of sensor. Did you have similar issue?
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    spark plug choice

    There is several videos on YouTube compare Pulstar and NGK, most conclusion is Pulstar the win at square and fair. Interesting to see RC390 perform with Pulstar.
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    Racing weight reduction

    283lb is based on wheels replacement?
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    Racing weight reduction

    Very good advice. Could you please let me know how to bypass ignition? Thank you.
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    Are there Brembo Calipers available for the RC390?

    Hi, How you compare Frendo Caliber to RC390 stock ByBro or Brembo 10cm ? I am thinking buy a set of Frendo package for my RC. Thank you,
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    New to me 2017 RC and a future track monster

    You can save 14kg from removing all unnecessary parts.
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    Racing weight reduction

    Shave and cut hair.