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  1. Botts

    Location to find KTM Owner's Manuals

    Hey everyone, I was looking for a PDF Owner's Manual for my 2017 RC 390. I have a copy of a 2016 shop manual which has been mostly helpful, but I was also looking for an owner's manual. I found this link on KTM's website: however, it is very broken...
  2. Botts

    Problems with CD Manual

    Is your PDF searchable? I run an PC laptop in the race trailer, but at home, prefer to use my Mac.
  3. Botts

    ISO Race Fairings

    I'm in Alberta Canada. If he doesn't take them, and shipping isn't too crazy, I'm looking for a set too.
  4. Botts

    KTM RC390 for first track bike?

    Did you really notice a big difference from the battery? I've gone to lithium on a CBR250 and my 939 and 1000 and haven't really noticed a big difference. My KTM is standard AGM right now. With regards to the OP, some depends on your track, but I will always suggest the KTM RC390 as a first...
  5. Botts


    I ride with a Shoei GT-Air on the street. I love the drop down sun visor, and the helmet is comfortable, light, relatively quiet, and comes with a good pinlock. Previously I had a Shark Evo One 2, which I really liked, but I would question the longevity of their build quality. On track, I...
  6. Botts

    WANTED: rc390 motor

    A 2015 top end should work fine on a 2017 right? I can't seem to find any indication it shouldn't.
  7. Botts

    WTB: aftermarket triple and clip ons

    If anyone else happens to have a set, I'm looking too.
  8. Botts

    Check those bolts!

    Yikes. I'm going to go pull that sprocket cover and check torque! Thankfully even though it wasn't acting as a bolt, it still functioned as a pin.
  9. Botts

    KTM RC 390 rear shock change system

    Nifty, simple, and straightforward solution! Kudos!
  10. Botts

    2019 black friday / cyber monday specials

    This is probably sacrilegious here, but any chance at a 25% off price on R3 Galfer or EBC pads as well? I'm grabbing a set of KTM rotors, but I'm track prepping an R3 as well.
  11. Botts

    Pillion seat removal

    If it’s the first time you’ve taken it off, the tabs are likely still a tough squeeze. With the bolt loosened, whack the very back of the seat above the taillight forward. The seat slides forward to release then pulls up.
  12. Botts

    HotBodies vs Tyga Race Bodywork

    Thanks! That's awesome clarification. So if I just want an easy to install set of race body work for my bike, the simplest option is the Tyga "Race" but not the WSS300 body work. Would you recommend ordering DZUS for it?
  13. Botts

    Graphics Kit for Racing Development

    Do you have the template to make these just for the factory bodywork or also for the Tyga panels?
  14. Botts

    HotBodies vs Tyga Race Bodywork

    Further question along these lines. When looking at Tyga are there clear pros/cons to the GRP WSS300 panels vs the GRP "Race" panels? I noticed that on the WSS the side fairing is one piece versus two. Two would make it easier to paint it two-tone, but might be more of a pain for removal.
  15. Botts

    Akrapovic "open" system discontinued

    So this: is no longer available?
  16. Botts

    Issues with indicators and brake lights

    Is that a year thing? My '17 definitely will not start with Fuse 6 removed. Found that out on my first track day.
  17. Botts

    Issues with indicators and brake lights

    How did you rule it out? No lights and won't start, could definitely indicate the light fuse has blown.
  18. Botts

    Wanted pre-owned Driven Triple Clamp

    And if someone happens to have a second one, I'll take one too!
  19. Botts

    2017+ Track Bike Exhaust

    Do you sell those exhausts with a header for the 2017+ bikes?
  20. Botts

    415 Sprockets

    Ouch. Lightning strikes are the worst. Especially when you go to use something weeks later and go, "Well crap, I didn't even realize that got toasted." Hope you get back up and running shortly!