1. J

    5 months into my love affair with my Orange lady

    Picked up my KTM RC 390 in March, 2 days after getting off my L Licence. 6000kms later and my Orange Lady has faulted me none. Friday traffic madness from Brisbane to Gold Coast in 43mins. Ohhhh how sweet and nimble this little lady is. 2.5 hours in a car standard Friday run. Absolutely stoked I...
  2. S


    I'm looking for a RC 390 in decent to good condition, mileage not a big deal. looking for a bike for the upcoming summer and to have to bring back to college with me. I live on the west coast of Florida around Tampa. Let me know if anyone has any possibilities! Thanks, Scruff
  3. Rexbo

    Brand New RC390 race prep partout - Central Coast Cali

    Hey all, I'm race prepping my RC390 (didn't want to get cup bike) and have a ton of OEM parts left over that are brand new, taken off the bike with less than 200 miles on the odometer just to break in the engine, zero blemishes and completely clean. The list on the ad isn't comprehensive and...
  4. KwicK To Master KTM

    Any other Aussies with a new RC 390 ?

    Just trying to start a thread for Aussie RC 390 owners - I purchased mine 1 month ago and live in the sunshine coast - I know there is one more sold in this area - How is everyone finding their new bike?
  5. KwicK To Master KTM

    KTM RC 390 owner Sunshine Coast Australia

    Hi all - I am a Kiwi (New Zealander ) based Ion the Sunshine Coast Australia Have just done the first 1000 Ks on the 390 and loving it - I have been following this Forum and thought best e part of it and also share what have learned about the RC 390