1. M

    Nobody here?

    The north of England and most of Scotland have some great roads for the 390 :-)
  2. D

    Buying used KTM 390

    Hey everyone,i have made up my mind and decided to buy a RC 390. Now i made a lot of research on it before looking into posting. But i figured the best info i can get are some hands on experience from my fellow north american's. Firstly i wanted to know general tips on things to look out...
  3. Olddog

    Waiting Around

    Just waiting around on the release of the RC 390. Sold off my RZ 350 (Yamaha) last summer in anticipation of a new bike from KTM w/ modern features = more ride time and less maintenance. Have been riding for 50 years and been through the gambit of Jap. bikes, British bikes, American (Harley)...