ready to race

  1. Kuroneko3

    Ready To Race? RC 390 (Black Cat Racing) (CCS) (LRRS)

    Hi All, Black Cat Racing is taking on the 300 class this year and I got a screaming good deal on a 2015 RC 390 to do it with. This will be a build thread from "mostly stock" to "ready to race" to "fully race prepped" by CCS and LRRS rulebook standards. I have already started making parts as...
  2. JKBC

    RC Cup Series U.S.A.

    'behind-the-scenes footage from the first U.S. KTM RC Cup Series round held at Road America in conjunction with the MotoAmerica Series'....uploaded by KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH on June 22 2015 shows our RC 390s are great in so many ways not the least of which is in developing a new generation of...