1. M

    Need Help My mpl, mp/100l, and Average Speed gauges are not working on my 2015 rc390.

    They are not accurate, I zero out my miles every time I fill up but it never reads right. Like I'll zero out and get onto 55mph roads but after 30 minutes of riding it will say 'average speed: 18mph' Does anybody know the reason or have the same problems.?
  2. N

    Loose Speedometer

    Speedometer is loose on my 2017 RC 390 and was wondering how can I tighten it up. It's still under warranty, should I take it to the dealer?
  3. J

    Speedometer reading 0

    So I adjusted my valves and changed the oil, first service stuff (WHAT A GD HASSLE) And now the speedometer just shows zero while riding. Did I forget to plug something back in?? Hoping I don't have to take it all apart again. Thanks!
  4. V

    Showing JY_1.3.2 Error

    Hi guys, I've been riding my KTM RC 390 from 2 years now.. yesterday I went to start my bike and it showed JY_1.3.2 ERROR on the speedometer .. the bike won't start .. has anybody else faced this issue before ?? Plz help..
  5. H

    problem with speedometer

    have you ever had this problem? In case, what did you do?https://youtu.be/ow_93wlb9hk the odometer works. only the speedometer fails.
  6. AirRsq

    Speedo acting up

    FYI: your stop/turn/tail/horn fuse has some odd connection to your speedometer. Not sure why or how, but... Story... My speedometer was reporting very erratic readings during a track day this weekend - jumped around, read very low speeds when 6th gear WOT, etc. I had just completed the 600...