2015 Track Build Ignition/Starter/ECU Issues


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Hello RC390 ninjas,

I recently picked up a 2015 to convert to an endurance race bike for a mere 700$ The previous owner lost the keys and ended up taking the ignition off and connecting the br/wht wires together so that everything would power up. The starter button however does not start the bike and he was jumping it with the solenoid to get it to fire. I now cannot get the bike to turn over unless I jump relay 3 from the button to the solenoid. I also cannot get the bike to fire doing this. There are no codes present on the ecu or dash and I've been struggling with chasing wires this whole week. If there is any advice out there as things to try it would be greatly appreciated. Below is a list of checks I have already gone thru for reference.

Rhs switch: kill and momentary operational.
side stand, clutch, gearpot all operational
pc5 maps inspected and all looks good, I have removed the system from the bike currently.
All relays are in working order checked resistivity and all within spec
no fuses are damaged dash has engine light and abs light on.

I do not have power across Relay 3 of the solenoid side but have power from the switch, all grounds from relays are working to my knowledge,
Ok to start circuit has no power from ignition wire, gnd is good for connections tested. I have power from the ECU to both rd/gn on relay 2 and relay 1, I also have power on the coil and at relay 2 org/wht .
Attached are some pictures of the wiring diagram (lightly edited for my simple mind).

I am left to believe that the ok to start or the ecu has taken a dive but any insights would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you


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