2017 Reliability


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I'm new to riding and on a search for a good 300 series bike.

I am currently looking into the R3 used and have the chance to pick up a 2017 RC 390 from a friend of mine .

His bike has about 275 miles on it.

My concern is reading about all the issues these bikes have and wondering if the 2017 have been improved over the earlier models.

My brother has a 2015 and experienced the head gasket issue but other then that I'm not sure if he experienced any of the other issues.

I just think as a new rider I would want to focus on learning and not worry about any issues that might arise from the bike.

Your thoughts?



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I use my 2016 rc to commute. It zips in and out of traffic speeds up to 80 to 95 easily. I currently have 3200 miles. Its been good to me so far but im planning to sell mine, because i like to switch bikes lol.


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2016 with 15k on it. So far only had an issue with the cracked airbox that was covered under my warranty.


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So KTM still have the same quality control issues coming from the Indian factory?
No surprise really.
15K miles with only a cracked air box issue is pretty damn good really. Small single/high revving mini race bike.....