Alternative LED Headlight Mod


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Bike is up on the stand while I wait for a new front rotor to get shipped in. (Shiny new set of BSTs going on as well!)
In the mean time, I figured I'd knock out some work on the nose of the bike.

Took off the stock fairing stay and headlights. Replaced that with the Tyga fairing stay. Link Below.
Upper/Meter Stay, Race, KTM, RC125/200/250/390 | TYGA-Performance

Once that was on, I test fit the LED bar and marked the drill locations on the cross bar of the fairing stay.
I used 2 1"x1" pieces of aluminum angle as the mounting points along with 4 1/8" rivets and the hardware supplied with the light bar.
I used the smaller mount that was supplied with the bar as a set screw plate. Attached with JB Weld and 2 rivets. It lines up with the back of the LED bar so I can adjust the angle of the light. Clamping down on the two bolts on either side of the bar seems to be more than enough to hold it, but a little extra security never hurt.
Also makes removal pretty straight forward. Just unplug it and either undo the two side bolts on the LED bar or the two mounting bolts at the rear.
After that I connected the bar to the high beam wires. This gives me on/off capability (nothing connected to the low beam right now) and continued use of the pass trigger.

Super bright. Super light. Fits in the Street Fairing just fine.

Won't be able to test until I get the front wheel mounted, obviously, but pretty cool so far. I'll pass an update then.

Link for the light:
Definitely other lights out there. I'll upgrade if these don't work out. 2-pack for $30 was too easy not to try though. 30W / 3600LM (claimed)


Looking good, I’ve been thinking how to have lights with the Tyga fairing stay. Thought about those spots that KTM or BMW do that could maybe use the clamp to fit the horizontal tube section, I’m not sure if those lights are able to dip though?

Intrested in how you get on with the BSTs as they’ve just become available here in UK, £2.5k with the options for ceramic bearings and titanium fittings, some good offers and 0% options.

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looks good, like Andy I'm curious about them being able to dip/ high low functionality. Also, how are you still liking your headlight a year on?

Was just doing some quick searching and was unable to find any light bars with high low separate. Most seemed to be combined spot/flood.