FS or FT NewBreed Crash Cages and Sub Cage RC390 Specific SOLD


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My 2015 RC is pretty immaculate and original plan was to get all the protection available for serious parking lot practice without breaking my heart if when the bike is dropped. After searching high and low I realized that most of the protective gear such as crash bars were being produced for the Duke, not for RC.

Enter New Breed with their RC specific crash cages. Unlike eBay crap, New Breed offers very high end quality. They are not cheap but definitely one of the best. https://thesicshop.com/index.php?ma...ucts_id=2091&zenid=hdh2brcnibdgj8bofq05li6me3

In the end, I have not been able to practice much due to lack of free time and decided to go in the direction of track.


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