Got my first speeding ticket ( the day after my 41st Bday)on my 15' rc390 after 18k m

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The conversation started with " Every time I see you on the inbound (65mph) you're doing 80+!" .......

18k miles....

This summer I put on the last 6k on my bike commuting ~65 scenic miles , rain or shine. This was opposite the daily flow of traffic which made for glorious rides.

I've owned and maintained my own bike from mile 1. It eats tires 2 to 1 rear/front per season . This will be my 2nd set of sprockets and chain. 0 performance mods , just regular maintenance. Only thing I've had fail is my shift lever sheared at the tab the linkage attaches to.

Long story short, I love her more than I did day 1.

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Congrats! So the officer openly admitted to being derelict in his duty to enforce the law in the past? Sounds like grounds for dismissal :cool:


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Dang, So glad to hear of an RC with high miles and not a lot of drama... except the ticket ha ha.