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Hey everyone, I've got a KTM RC390 2015, I've done 25,000 kilometers on it. I've never got any issues till now, but suddenly in September 2019, on a random day I Tried to turn on my bike, the self starter rounds but the bike dosen't start. And till this date it is not starting, I've checked everything possible, I've changed the ignition coil, I've put a new magnet coil, but the ignition coil is getting no current. A ktm service guy told to check the ECU, and we did check the ECU on other RC390 and it worked fine as that bike started without a fuss. I am from India asking you all for help, please help!


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Did you check the kill switch and the kick stand switch?
Bro the switches are working fine, and today I thought to push start it, so with a help of my friend towed the bike to around 40-45 kmph and in third gear I bump started it. It started and i rode it for 2-3 kilometers, then i tried to turn off the bike and start it again, as i did it the bike started once only and then it didn't start again.


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Exactly. And 'checking' is not just reading voltage; it is putting a load on the battery. I do not know how business works in India, but in USA most auto parts stores will do a battery load test for free. Bro.


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Any codes when you try to start it? I had problems last week where it sounded like it was turning over strong and would flash jyp_1.3.2 but not start. It turned out to be the battery