Ninja 250/300 Wheels on a RC390?


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What, exactly, are the problems raised when attempting to modify a wheelset to fit the RC390?

I have a set of Galespeed forged wheels for the ninja 250/300. They're compatible to the following extent:
1) rim size front and rear is identical to OEM 390 wheels
2) single rightside brake caliper in front
3) 520 leftside drivetrain in rear

Not sure what the axle size is, but assume that that's standardized (bad assumption?). I assume as well that the front wheel will accommodate a 320mm rotor with 6 bolt mount (it currently uses a 290mm on the 250).

The 250 doesn't have ABS while my RC390 does. Problem?

Is it, ultimately, just a matter of correctly spacing the wheels within the forks and the swingarm?