RC390 race bike scrutineering tips



Had my RC looked over by the chief scrutineer at my club, it's the first time he's seen one, and he gave me a work order.

The GCR's state that we must run a Belly-pan that can hold 3ltrs of fluid.
The Tyga belly pan will hold 3ltrs but only just...meaning that under acceleration any fluid in the belly pan would fall out the back at the low-point on the Gear-lever side. So I am building up the back of that section to the height of the rest of the lip...with a Police-car LEGO kit and some fibre-glass. :)
Will post pics for shits and giggles when complete.

Hope this saves someone a painful day at the races.

Mr Bean

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Personally I think they are misinterpreting the rule. The rule states it must hold 3 litres and says nothing about holding 3 litres under motion. But yeah, not something you want to be arguing on race day.


As a novice racer it really isn't something I want to argue about at all.
I will be happy if more experienced racers argue the point with them tho. :)

I have made the mod already as it wasn't that hard...but if it saves anyone getting messed about on a race day I'd be happy to have some clarification.


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I cant argue with making something a little safer just in case. Sometimes its at the expense of a little more work or doing it a different way but safety is always a nice thing to see attention paid to.


What you should do, is fill the belly pan with 3L of oil BEFORE going to tech next time. Then see the look on his face.


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I race in Nova Scotia Canada, and the Tyga belly pan is good enough for our race organization. I raced all last race with it. I don't even think there is 3L's of fluid in the RC 390. Have fun racing.