Swingarm pivot play?


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I was installing my rear wheel and adjusting the chain when I noticed that when I checked the chain slack by pulling the chain down at midpoint that I would get a very slight clunk. The rear wheel was off the ground as I had the swing arm supported by a pit stand. I could feel a very tiny amount of movement at the swingarm pivot for and aft. Also, if I put a small prybar between the swingarm and frame I could move the swingarm left to right approximately 1mm. It looks like the inner bearing race is moving within the bearing. Is this normal? Am I missing side spacers?


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You could look at an online parts diagram (e.g., partsfish.com) to see if you are missing anything. There are adjustable spacers in the footpeg brackets that might be misadjusted, though I am not sure that would result in the side play you found.

In any case, the fore/aft play would worry me enough that I'd disassemble and inspect the unit.