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Hi Guys, thanks for accepting me, Have a 2021 390 Duke and a 2015 British Superbike cup bike for parading.
Hi here and just ordered the 2022..I want to know are any aftermarket full exhaust systems out yet, has a flash tune been developed and any other motor mods available, I heard 55 hp is possible..
I've ktm rc 390 2020 . I wanna upgrade air filter . Suggest me best Air filter like. Which one bmc, k& n , dna
Hello, do you have the high angle camshaft for RC390 for sale here, as well as the matching parts such as valve springs you mentioned in the forum,like Yamaha's GYTR kit, if so, how much please, I want to upgrade the engine power of my RC390 , to fight ninja400 and R3,Looking forward to your reply, thank you.
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Hi Chad,
I have a 2015 RC390 with Power Commander and airbox lid mod and Tyga exhaust. I wanted to check with you to see if you are still flashing ECU's with the Akra map? If so, could I get your info on where to send it to? Thank you. Pike
Building my RC390 one day at a time! I got an abundance of oem parts for 2017 and also looking for Double Bubble windscreen, decent exhaust (have full OEM 4 SALE), and want a cup bike seat.
I'm looking for right handle bar, front brake lever, right mirror, right handlebar weight and screw, possible the orange undertail that has the rc390 decal on it. Any of these available?
Hello Chad. I need assistance with over size injectors for 2015 RC 390. Thank you.
Hey everyone, I've got a KTM RC390 2015, I've done 25,000 kilometers on it. I've never got any issues till now, but suddenly in September 2019, on a random day I Tried to turn on my bike, the self starter rounds but the bike dosen't start. And till this date it is not starting, I've checked everything possible, I've changed the ignition coil, I've put a new magnet coil, but the ignition coil is getting no current.
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