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Hello Chad. I need assistance with over size injectors for 2015 RC 390. Thank you.
Hey everyone, I've got a KTM RC390 2015, I've done 25,000 kilometers on it. I've never got any issues till now, but suddenly in September 2019, on a random day I Tried to turn on my bike, the self starter rounds but the bike dosen't start. And till this date it is not starting, I've checked everything possible, I've changed the ignition coil, I've put a new magnet coil, but the ignition coil is getting no current.
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Jon W
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Hey sorry, I thought I was getting notifications for this and apparently I wasn't. I still have the exhaust, the bracket that is missing is one that is used to attach the middle of the can to the frame, but its a simple one. There are quite a few videos online of how to install this. As for a good price range, you can have it for $100 plus shipping.
Is the Akra exhaust still available? Are you able to budge on the price as I would need to get a tyga header too.
Quick knowledge question, sorry if it isnt related to any of your products, i was reading your old post on the gpr ghost line. Would i be able to get away with mounting it, and keeping the stock map, if i kept both baffles in. Im at 2000 feet if anything helps
Hi man,
Awesome adapters for the bermbo (the 80mm to the 100mm)
Are they for sale?

By any chance do you still have that rc390 ghost exhaust for sale. Im interested in getting it. Whats a good price range? Also what
Bracket exactly is missing?
Hey, I noticed you have most of the cells filled in for your AFRs in your PCV map for throttle position. I thought it should be only for the 89-100% throttle. Have you noticed the stock ECU trying to fight it? I’m running the PCV and WBC2. Anytime I try to speak to the vendor they keep asking me if I watched their videos.