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Hi Guys, thanks for accepting me, Have a 2021 390 Duke and a 2015 British Superbike cup bike for parading.
Hi all..new here and just ordered the 2022..I want to know are any aftermarket full exhaust systems out yet, has a flash tune been developed and any other motor mods available, I heard 55 hp is possible..
I've ktm rc 390 2020 . I wanna upgrade air filter . Suggest me best Air filter like. Which one bmc, k& n , dna
Hello, do you have the high angle camshaft for RC390 for sale here, as well as the matching parts such as valve springs you mentioned in the forum,like Yamaha's GYTR kit, if so, how much please, I want to upgrade the engine power of my RC390 , to fight ninja400 and R3,Looking forward to your reply, thank you.
emai:[email protected]