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I'm not sure if it's just normal unleaded or super unleaded
Sloppy McFloppy
Sloppy McFloppy
2022 model manual states super unleaded. When I first got my 2022 rc390, I used just regular fuel for a while but switched to 91 to avoid any issues.

Page 52 and 118 of 2022 RC390 Manual
Hi can anyone help me I have just got a ktm rc 125 fan didn't spin got a high coolant temp in warning on my screen flushed radiator took fan off it was stiff forced it to spin with my hand put it all back together topped up the coolant still the same checked fuses one has blown been told by someone it's the fan has feels like it has seen better days got a diffrebt fan coming from dealer purchased from
Sloppy McFloppy
Sloppy McFloppy
I found myself in the same situation as you almost a year ago. I wish I could help you more but consider a screen for the radiator once fixed. I had a tiny piece of wood, about the size of 2mm, which cost me $300+
Hi all, I have a 2016 RC390 that I just purchased. It looks like someone cut the pipe right at where it comes out of the fairing, I wanted to put a slip-on on this bike. Can anyone tell me what is needed, also has passenger pegs removed?