2022 RC390 with Quadlock install


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Don't know if this is something you guys are interested in seeing, but I just installed the Quadlock mount to my 2022 RC390.

I actually went for the option to also have wireless charging, which means I need to wire an USB-port to the bike before I can have a functioning wireless charging pad on the bike.

The good news is that QuadLock has an accessory that gives you a USB port. https://www.quadlockcase.ca/collect...v-to-usb-smart-adaptor?variant=39754969251915

The bad news is that the wiring is recommended to directly hook up to your battery. The switch, although smart, will keep the wireless charging pad powered until the voltage drops below 12.5V. In additon, as I dig deeper into the documentations from Quadlock, its saying the standard hookup for the wireless charging head will discharge up to 12mA when powered on and 6mA when powered off... that means if your bike is off... the wireless charging head will still be discharging your battery...

So I went ahead and crimped the 12V to USB accessory from Quadlock to some male spade connectors and connected it to the AUX 2 plugs instead. Here are the results... please feel free to comment.. and let me know if this short of content is what you guys want to see...