2017 RC390 engine check light on after fitting Powertronic ecu


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I have a new 2017 rc390 1000k on clock, I installed a Powertronic ECU, it went well, did all the checks recommended by the supplied installation guide. Took the bike for a run, after about 10 min the engine check light came on, went back home checked my work...all seems fine (connections etc) I rode it around the block, light still on, so I unplugged the Powertronic ecu and plugged in the supplied Stock Coupler which is supposed to revert back to the standard ECU. Started the bike and the engine light went off (sweet).
I plugged in the Powertronic ECU again started the bike ( no engine light) great thought it was fixed.
Took it for a run after 10 min or so gave it a bit of a rev (7000 rpm or so) and the light came on again, since then it has remained on (even fitting the stock coupler, as before has no affect).
Any clues......?
My best guess is it's the fly by wire throttle ....I'm an old guy only ever had carb's prior to this little gem.
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