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First time poster, I'm picking up a new 2019. After doing much internet browsing the last 2 days I already know I want a aftermarket exhaust. I picked out a delkevic slip on and cat delete. Now here's my question. I'm really digging the rapid bike easy tuner idea. If I understand it correctly for ktm you put it on setting 1 and then +2 for fuel. So if I get it to go along with my exhaust do I use those numbers? Or maybe bump the fuel up to +3 because of the exhaust. I know the evo would be the better choice but I really like the easy. Will the easy even work for exhaust? Not looking to upgrade or change the air intake or filter. Thanks everyone!


I have a gen 1 Duke and did some data logging with the rapid bike easy. If I recall correctly it should actually be set to Setting 5, I had zero issues running it with +2 setting. I have seen reports of people trying +3, only to have the bike throw a code (I suspect it is due to the ECU thinking the O2 sensor is not functioning correctly based on the output it is receiving.). If you plan on running an exhaust and a stock air filter setup, I think you should be perfectly fine.

Then again, I've also heard that the 2nd gen fueling is slightly different from the 1st gen (Not sure of if it is better or worse).

Here is a link to a post I made a long with some data:



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Thanks for the reply. I searched the forum before posting. I guess someone on the Facebook group is a rapid bike guru so I'm waiting on him for more info. I seen your videos on YouTube. Sick car!