1. Formula390

    Keyless Tank Cap

    OK folks... at long last and much begging on my part with the Tyga Factory, we finally have a Keyless tank cap for the RC (and Duke) 390's! I expect this will mostly just appeal to racers, but it'll work on the street as well. You can find it here:Formula390 - Parts Cost is ~$56 and I have 6...
  2. A

    Fs: Ktm rc 390

    Like new condition, well maintained, barely any scratches. Title: Clean Miles: 6200 Location: Rosemead, CA Price: $4000 - FIRM Installed recently new LED's for bright white light, K&N air filter for better exhaust sound. It is registered till June 2018. Selling it urgently! Text or call...
  3. E

    WTS OEM Duke 390 / RC390 Tool Kit - $30 Shipped - FIRM

    I have for sale the OEM tool kit that came with the 390 bikes. It is always good to have an extra laying around. The kit is complete and in great shape. There are essentially no signs of wear on the kit. It sat in the garage off the bike. $30 shipped to the lower 48. First to post "I'll take...
  4. Cleared for take-off!!!

    Cleared for take-off!!!

    Ended up in St. Maries Idaho.
  5. image4


  6. M

    Comparisons between RC390 and Ninja 300

    Hello all, I've been looking to upgrade my ninja 300 to a slightly more speedy bike. I have been very happy with the ninja 300 but I am looking for just a little more spunk in terms of get up and go, but I am not worried at all about increasing top end speed. I don't really like the riding...
  7. G

    Bar end mirrors

    Steffen from Rhinomoto and I worked together to come up with a solution for bar end mirror adapters for the RC 390 since I realized there is a great lack of screw-in bar end adapters on the market for our bikes. He was awesome to work with and I recommend you shoot him an email...
  8. Formula390

    Texas Flood

    I'm sure most if not all have heard about the flooding we've had here in Central Texas of late. Here's what happened to one of the bridges that strings together a few entertaining roads... Who needs to wait for the Adventure 390 anyway! The RC can handle stuff like this, no problem! :) I've...
  9. ToraTora

    2015 KTM Duke 390 - $5000 (Bay area) on Craig's list

    This is not my bike--just relaying a Craig's list post The seller didn't post any photos.
  10. M

    Riders of RC 390 in Austin Texas area

    Hello all, I am curious if anyone from the austin texas area owns a rc 390? If so do you all know of any dealerships in the area to go check the rc 390 out in person?
  11. M

    Seat Height coupled with a Short Rider

    Hello all, I currently am looking into an RC 390, i've been riding a ninja 300 for about a year now. My only concern is the seat height. I am 5-8 with shoes on so probably 5-7. Basically I am curious if any short riders can share there experience on riding an RC 390. Was the seat height so...
  12. D

    Ktm rc 390 for sale AZ

    sales pending, please delete thread.
  13. ToraTora

    Stator Problems?

    Have you cats encountered a stator issue with the 390? One of my friends picked up a Duke 390 a couple of weeks ago. He's had a couple of issues. First the radiator fan came apart, and most recently (today) the stator failed. The shop is going to order a replacement--so for now he rides with a...
  14. A1VW2NV

    RC 390 CUP Results Round One

    https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2015/06/02/road-america-ktm-rc-390-cup-results-mcallister-doubles/ KTM RC 390 Cup Kicks Off With 27 Entries! - Motorcycle.com News
  15. M

    390 Billet Intakes

    Open the 390 intake up for significant power increases when combined with a tuner (coming shortly...) $65 MNNTHBX - Enter
  16. M

    AV Lithium Batteries

    We've used these ourselves for several years, and they've proven to be strong, light, and reliable. Drops over 5.5 lbs. off the 390 Duke or RC. 275 CCA. 3 year warranty. $159 www.mnnthbx.com
  17. S

    duke 390 exhaust?

    Does the duke exhaust fit the rc???
  18. M

    Questions and Concerns Before Purchase

    Hello, I had a few questions for RC 390 owners regarding their experiences with their bikes. My first bike was a Ninja 300, which was stolen a few weeks ago. I am very seriously considering purchasing the RC 390 when it arrives at my local dealership (in fact, I have a down payment on one...
  19. W

    New head to head small sport bike blowout review

    I'll just post this here for you guys. Beginner-ish Sportbike Shootout + Video Quick background on me... I started off with a deposit on an RC 390 back in march but shopped bikes heavily while waiting for it... Ended up with a new R3 last week partly due to the street price being $1500 -...
  20. RC 390

    RC 390

    I havent done too much to mine yet. added the bubble windscreen and removed the passenger pegs. 80 miles on the clock.